Reap the Forgotten Harvest

An Epic Saga of Slavery

Remi Kapo

This novel is an epic tale of suffering, faith, persecution, injustice, enslavement, passion, unexpected friendships, adventure, love and redemption. Its narrative embraces the drawing rooms of London as share prices collapse, the holy-stoned decks of sailing ships and the hopelessness of chattel-houses.


Reap the Forgotten Harvest can be read for entertainment for it is entertainment. It can also be read for its timeliness. If we are to rid ourselves of the blight of racism and see where we are going, we need to see where we have come from, and how we became who and what we are. This book will help us.’ – Maya Angelou

‘The book is not lying when it says it’s an EPIC saga of slavery… I went through an emotional roller coaster of frustration and contempt to catharsis and heartache. The most daunting part about it, is not only the eloquent and cutting diction, it’s the astute descriptions and evident historical accuracy dripping from the pages. It recalls the horrors and pain that real people suffered, and I digested it slowly and laboriously, like a snake engulfing it’s swollen and grotesque prey. Yet like nature in all its savagery and volatility, there is a certain beauty to it that is both astonishing and captivating. I might describe the book in the same way; tumultuous…arduous… yet written with a beauty that literally brought tears to my eyes. Is it an easy-to-read, happy-go-lucky adventure to pass the time… no. Would I recommend it? … Unequivocally, however be warned this book is not for the faint hearted.’ – Janey Ferguson

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